We find employees for IT all over the world

* Payment for the result
* Warranty for a selected specialist 3 months
* The world has changed. We work according to the method of building an individual road map.
*Payment for the result
*Warranty for a selected specialist 3 months
* The world has changed. We work according to the method of building an individual
Watch the interview with a founder of hunt laboratory.
Hunt laboratory
We are a modern recruitment agency that search for IT and digital specialists, non-technical specialists and consulting services worldwide.

We are working on the result and with guarantee of results! Our strategy of development is long-term business expansion and diversification by industry.

Our mission is to get maximum benefit for our clients, providing them with a full spector of HR services on the outsourcing of HR specialists with the highest qualification and various specializations.

In @huntlaboratory we are daily improving our work and instruments, which we use for the search of employees: we attend IT forums, we implement and test new smm instruments, and we learn from our colleagues worldwide. In our team we have recruiters with language knowledge, which helps us work with the whole world.

We do believe that we can help our clients in the most difficult situations.
2000 +
candidates selected for small and medium-sized businesses
30 + cities
around the world
20 +
clients from different areas
We provide recruitment services, consulting and personnel office work for the companies worldwide.
We are trying to render our services with maximum benefit for our clients in every way: we select individually working conditions, timing, methods of selection (we have smm recruiters) , and also we search for freelance employees all over the world.
We do the search of IT and digital specialists, and also non-technical specialists like teachers, specialists in support service, operators, editors, marketers and others.
Clients can always ask for a sample with actual CV of candidates, and consultation of recruiter when doing the independent search.
Full support of the HR process
Our Clients don’t have to pay for the HR director, recruiters, training and motivation specialists, personnel delivery specialists, and also our clients don’t have to worry about their replacement in the case of leaving.
For the fixed monthly price Client gets all the specialists, who manage several clients, who regularly monitor the changes in the legislation and who know how to deal with most non-standard situations in different directions.

Personnel work management
Delegating to us basic HR functions such as calculation of salary, personnel work management let us build these processes properly.
Further, it helps to avoid the mistakes and time for their correction and time in tax services.
Stable demand for HR transmission functions to outsourcers confirms that in 90 percent of cases.
Access to the CV base
This service is actual when your task is not very complicated.
For example,for the recruitment search is enough to make a sample on formal criteria. Our clients receive the information on actual candidates from our base, and from the popular sources collected by us.
Consultation with the main recruiter or head of the company.
Sometimes the company plans to do the search by themselves, but they don’t know what to start with, where to search or place the advertisement.
In this case, we provide a 45 minute online consultation, due to which the Client get the full algorithm in the search of the specialists:
* vacancy text
* recommendation on the salary level for the specialist
*platform for the advertising
*examples of the applicant’s profile
*recommendations on the preparation of
* textual task
* checklist on the holding of the effective
* interview
Development of the motivation system for the employees
In our practice we often have situations when a company grows and we have to change the system of payment to come to the owner’s goals quickly. Our specialists conduct a preliminary analysis of the situation on the local and world markets, get feedback (anonymously) from current employees and from the head of the companies to build a system as efficiently as possible due to owner’s needs and demands.
Also, it is worth considering the development or change in the system of payment in case there is a staff turnover. Often this is the reason. In this case, we also get feedback from the employees and do the analyses of the situation on the market.
Building and developing an adaptation and training system of employees
We provide this service in a complex.
Companies often have an issue with learning the new employees. The sad thing here is when this issue is being done by the best specialists instead of doing their main job and bringing the profit to the company.
That’s why, we more often implement an automated system with online training for our clients with the opportunity of checking their knowledge.
We develop it together with you and place a video lesson at the platform and the Client can add some marks under such a video.
Trainings and coaching
Have you ever noticed the way the motivation and mood rises after group training? That’s the way it works, helping to open the new strength, find non-standard decisions, to see the situation from the outside. These kinds of training are very important for the employees dealing with sales and for those who are working with products.
In 80 procent after passing these kinds of training the efficiency of the employees increase several times.
We deal with famous corporate trainers and coaches with professional education, who helped a lot of companies to grow in terms of benefit and to grow in the eyes of employees, and who helped to overcome the difficulty and to raise the motivation level.
Organization of corporate events
We deal with Russian and foreign event agensys and can organize any event in complex.
Our full-time marketer is working not only for us, but also for our clients.
Any event in the company related to some big date or results of work of some members of the team can be celebrated with a trip and interesting adventure! Such moments are very remarkable and help to build good relationships within a company and increase employee’s loyalty. Can you imagine how great it could be to collect presents for kids or nursing homes?
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